Key Features to Look for in an Indoor Mapping Software

Navigating a large complex like a mall or airport can be overwhelming, but indoor mapping software has revolutionized how we find our way. For mall owners and facility managers, choosing the right software is crucial. You need a platform that not only guides your visitors but also enhances their experience and drives business goals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the key features you should look for in indoor mapping software.

Digital Directory

A digital directory is the backbone of any indoor mapping system. It offers an interactive map that allows visitors to search for stores, services, or amenities by name, category, or location.

  • Ease of Use: The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive. Visitors should easily find what they’re looking for with minimal effort.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ensure the directory is updated in real-time to reflect any changes in store locations, promotions, or new additions.
  • Comprehensive Listings: The directory should include all relevant information such as store hours, contact details, and current promotions to give visitors a complete picture.

Smart Search

Smart search functionality takes the digital directory to the next level by offering advanced search options.

  • Advanced Search Options: Provide the option to search by keywords, product names, or even specific brands to make the experience more personalized.
  • Filters: Allow users to narrow down their search results based on categories, such as dining, shopping, or services.

Route Creation and Turn by Turn Directions

One of the most useful features of an indoor mapping software is turn-by-turn navigation. This ensures that visitors can find their way effortlessly.

  • Visual Cues: Routes should be marked clearly on the map with visual cues like arrows or highlighted paths.
  • Accuracy: Precision in the route creation and turn-by-turn directions is crucial. The software should provide highly accurate routes that prevent visitors from getting lost or wasting time. Ensuring that the mapping data is precise helps in avoiding any potential confusion, thereby improving the overall visitor experience.
  • Voice Instructions: For added convenience, especially for those who may have visual impairments, voice-guided directions can be incredibly helpful.


Indoor mapping software can also serve as a powerful advertising tool, providing targeted promotions and ads to visitors.

  • Promotions: Highlight ongoing sales, special events, or new store openings on your maps to attract more visitors.
  • Ad Analytics: Track the performance of advertisements to measure engagement and ROI, allowing for better future campaigns.

Analytics on User Behavior

Understanding how visitors interact with your space is crucial for improving their experience and optimizing operations.

  • Foot Traffic Analysis: Monitor the flow of visitors to identify high-traffic areas and peak times.
  • Search Trends: Analyze what visitors are searching for to better understand their needs and preferences.
  • Engagement Metrics: Track how visitors interact with different features of the map, such as searches, clicks, and time spent on each section.

Accessibility Features

Ensuring that your indoor navigation system is accessible to everyone is not just good practice—it’s essential.

  • Wheelchair-Friendly Routes: Highlight accessible paths and entrances to make navigation easier for those with mobility issues.
  • Audio Descriptions of Routes and Surroundings: Accessible wayfinding features like audio descriptions of routes and surroundings are crucial for allowing blind or visually impaired individuals to explore your facilities safely and independently.
  • Assistive Technology Integration: Enable integration with tools like the Lazarillo App to maximize accessibility for visually impaired users.

Indoor Functionality

Your indoor mapping software should be designed specifically for indoor environments, considering unique challenges like multi-level buildings and signal interference.

  • Multi-Level Navigation: Offer seamless navigation across different floors, including elevators and staircases.
  • Signal Strength: Ensure accurate positioning even in areas with weak signals by choosing a platform that utilizes the best available technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Offline Access: Provide offline maps for areas with poor connectivity, ensuring visitors are never left stranded.

Multi-Platform Integrations

Flexibility in accessing the map across different interfaces can significantly enhance user experience.

  • Mobile Integration: Allow users to access the map on their smartphones through a dedicated app or mobile-friendly website.
  • Kiosk Integration: Install interactive kiosks throughout the venue to provide easy access to the map for everyone.
  • Web Integration: Add maps to your website so customers can explore them from home on their desktop.

Personalized, Dedicated Customer Support

Having reliable customer support can make or break your experience with indoor mapping software.

  • Consultative Approach: Work closely with the mapping team to tailor the software to your specific needs and goals.
  • Ongoing Support: Receive regular updates, quickly address technical issues, and access user training sessions to get the most out of your investment.
  • Customer Success Team: Work with a platform that offers a dedicated customer success team to ensure your needs are met and to help you optimize the software’s performance.

Free Trial Period

Before committing to a particular software, make sure you have the opportunity to test it out.

  • Trial Duration: Look for a service that offers a reasonable trial period so that you can get a feel for how the maps work in your facilities.
  • Full Access: Ensure the trial provides complete access to all features so you can fully assess its capabilities.
  • No Obligations: Choose a service that offers a no-obligation trial, allowing you to walk away if the software doesn’t meet your expectations.


Navigating large indoor spaces can be a daunting task, but the right indoor mapping software can transform this experience into a seamless and enjoyable one. From smart searches and turn-by-turn directions to advanced analytics and accessibility features, the right platform can offer immense value. MapVX is a comprehensive solution, providing all these features and more. If you’re ready to elevate the navigation experience for your visitors and drive your business forward, consider giving MapVX a try. The future of indoor mapping is here, and it’s time to explore its full potential.

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